I'm sore all over. Last night's recording was a bit fun, but it was TIRING. We sang each song about 4 times, as the guys from the BBC told us to emphasise here, that we were fading out here, etc. When you've got 600 people singing together, it's not easy. And considering we were singing 'Rock' songs, there was a lot of jumping up and down. So today, I've got a sore leg, sore throat, and my voice is almost gone. Oh, and I've another 4 hours or recording to do today.

Yesterday was just practise. The cameramen were looking for the best places to film, etc. And I have to say, I've got A GREAT SEAT. I'm on the 2nd row. In the middle. On the first row, we've got the pastors, and church leaders. On the 3rd row, we've got people who were selected to be interviewed by the BBC. So, it looks incredibly likely I'm going to be on TV !! A few good shots? Don't know yet.

We actually did a little recording yesterday. If you've been watching X-Factor, then you might know a girl called Sunita, who had a number 1 hit in the 80s/90s (I wouldn't know). Anyway, she's in the choir too, and she and her mum did a lovely rendition of silent night. We had to change seats for this recording, so I took one close to the back. But today, I'm on 2nd row, and we're recording most of the songs in this seating arrangement.

I got home at about midnight last night, and it took forever to get out of bed. Tomorrow looks like the same thing is going to happen. Anyway, the show should be going out the Sunday before Christmas..........I really hope it's worth it !!

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