My date with Aunt Beeb

Today is the day for the long awaited BBC Songs of Praise recording. In thinking about what to wear, I had to keep in mind that I have to wear the same clothes again tomorrow. So after much thought, I decided that instead of carrying clothes around in a bag (which would have involved changing in the office, and dashing down to Blackfriars to meet the 6pm deadline), I'd wear a Polo shirt with my company logo on it, and a pair of black trousers. At least, no one at work will ask why I'm wearing the same clothes 2 days in a row !! I need to leave the office 15 minutes early to make it.

I got my contract from the office today. 24k p.a.. and some nice benefits to go with it. However, there's one small problem. It says I started work on the 11th of October. I started on the 4th !! Are they trying to steal one week's wages from me? I shall fight them to the death !!!

I also discovered the statistics on 20six, really cool. The most popular search from Google et al to lead to this site? "Pictures of a funny Nigerian". Interesting. All the other 9 in the top ten are related to the post on the movie 'Cool Runnings'.

Also, I've joined BlogCrush. (For 20Six members only). And I declared my love for a certain Foxylady and all.

Apart from that, life is good.Â

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