Hello October….

If you've been checking, then you'd realise that the 'birthday counter' on my blog shows that it'll be my birthday in less than a month. Yippee....Anyway, hope you all had a great weekend, mine went like this....

Friday: Went to my new place to pick up my key and clean up the room. The Window blind had still not been fixed (I had told the agent several weeks ago, when I first saw the room, was a bit dissapointed), so my plans for moving in on Friday were cancelled. Then at 9pm, my aunt helped out with her car....and I carried ALL MY STUFF over. Went back to my aunt's for the last time.

Saturday: Went shopping in the morning, and did some laundry, so I wouldn't need to do any washing up till I was fully settled in the house. My girlfriend helped with the shopping and a bit with the unpacking (while watching X-factor). She left around 7pm. I didn't finish unpacking till 2am !!! I can't find my gloves(I saw them while unpacking, but they've mysterioulsy vanished), or 2 blue pillowcases (which I'm sure I packed). Great, more money to spend. Just great.

Sunday: Woke up at 10am, and I was really tired, body aching all over. But I had to get ready for church. Found out that only one of the 2 showers in the house is working, so I had to wait for a flatmate and her boyfriend to shower before I dashed in, and ran off to church. In my state, I didn't think I'd survive the 3 services I was required to sing at, but I did. To give an idea of how long I was there, the rehearsal started at 1.30pm, and I left there around 9pm.....My body is still aching..

May not have mentioned it here, but my church is going to be featured on BBC's "Songs of Praise" for their Chirstmas special. While I won't be in the choir that day, I will be a member of the invitation-only audience, and from what I hear, this is the main focus of Songs of Praise. It will be recorded in about 2 weeks, so we'll be singing Christmas Carols in mid-October.....interesting.

Now, I need to get myself back in the grove, I'm still 'recovering' from what I can only describe as a very 'draining' weekend.....

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