Busy Bee

I've been so busy the last few days. I'm getting really scared I'm gonna burn out. I'm thinking of taking some days off, but with just 10 days holiday till next June, I've gotta be a little careful. Was hoping to take a week off when I get my new XBox/Playstation, so I can 'break it in' properly.

Thinking of getting broadband at home now, that will definately increase my blogging frequency! I've got another flatmate onboard, and a free wireless router from the office, so it looks all set to go !! Will talk to him over the weekend, and hopefully, it should all be up by the end of November.

Life is moving fast.....

I wrecked a server last night, and I'm spending today rebuilding it (again). Work is moving at such a fast pace, I hope I can keep up !!


I'm getting more and more excited about the TV show by the day ! Hopefully, I'll get some pictures for all of you on Monday........I've thought about it, and there are worse ways of spending my birthday than singing to 15 million people on live TV (well, like I did mention, we'll be backing up the main contestants, and I'll be in a 30-man choir, so I may only get a few seconds, if I get any time on the screen at all!). I'm most likely going to be in the front row (we have done a standing arrangment).

And we've also got the London Community Gospel Choir coming in now, and 10 of them will join our 20 (hence, the 30-man choir), which is really cool, they are simply the best in the business on this side of the pond. So I'm really excited to rub shoulders with them, Simon Cowell, Sharon Osborne, Louis Walsh, and all the other wonderful people I'll hopefully meet.

If you've got ITV2, we're also going to be on the X-tra factor, where one or two of us will be interviewed. So, it's really, really exciting, I'll be completely knackered when I wake up on Sunday morning afternoon, but I'm sure it will all be worth it !!!

So here's to me having a WONDERFUL BIRTHDAY ON SATURDAY !!  In advance of course.....

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