10 days to go….

To my birthday. Just checking the counter thingy on the top of this blog. So what do I want for my birthday? I was going to buy an XBox, as I may have mentioned yesterday, but due to some confusion on the part of my recruitment agency/employers, I may not be able to do that this time around. I had budgeted to buy one with 5 games, totalling about £200 for everything, then I saw this little number on ebay. 10 games and an Xbox, all for £195.50 !! (plus £16 for delivery) I emailed the seller, asking if this was real, it seems too good to be true. And you are meant to pick out any 10 games from any game ever made for the Xbox. This is a real bargain. However, none of the other people who have paid for it have received theirs (I've emailed a few of them), so I'm a little skeptical. However, the seller has excellent feedback. The sale ends on Friday, so I guess I'll give it a miss, even though I'd really like to buy it. So I've made up a little list, just in case some millionaire comes accross this blog, and decides to part with a tiny part of his fortune.

1. Halo 2 (But Halo 1 will do for now)
2. GTA Double Pack
3. NBA Street Vol. 2
4. Splinter Cell 3 (But Splinter Cell 2 will do for now)
5. FIFA 2005
6. LMA Manager 2005 (But 2004 will do for now)
7. Driv3r
8. Spiderman 2
9. Need for Speed 2: Underground
10. Psi-Ops

Also, my amazon.co.uk wish list is one of the links on the side of this blog.

Anyway, that's enough dreaming for one day.....back to work.

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