Stupid mistakes….

Mistake 1: I just ate a cake.....someone in the office was giving them out, and I had already collected mine before I remembered I was on a diet. Anyways, I'm coping well, and day 3 seems to have passed without me dropping off. So far so good.

Mistake 2: I just did a stupid thing? I have paid my deposit now, and I'm set to move into my room on the 1st of October. That's the day my contract ends !! I haven't heard anything about renewal, and I just 'peeped' at one of my boss' emails, and he said (concerning a meeting I would be expected to attend) 'I can't confirm that anyone from IT will attend, as Bunmi's contract ends the week before'. I've been trying to read in between the lines, but I'm not sure. Is he saying that it all depends on me? I'm thinking about asking him on Monday when he signs my timesheet, as they are having a meeting on Wednesday where I'm sure the issue of whether I stay or go will come up. What do I do? I'm so confused........

So anyways, if I move into my room and lose my job, I'll be out on the streets of London, begging for money to pay my rent.........!!!

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