Office gossip, Dieting, and a load of other stuff

Working in IT means working around people's desks. Installing software while they chat on the phone, or talk to their team mates. And getting to hear the latest office gossip, from as many sources as possible.So I find myself, a hub of office gossip. In my old job back in Nigeria, I knew who was pregnant ages before an annoucement was made to the rest of the company, who was about to resgin, who had been sacked, who was scared she was pregnant, who was considering breaking up with their boyfriend/girlfriend, everything. When it came to office gossip, I WAS THE KING. Months after I've left the office, I still have a lot of relevant info, gathered from several sources. It's easy, to get even more gossip, you give a little, and you get a little. So basically, it's people who still owe me, feeding me stuff........

But I digress....

Yesterday, I was installing something on the CEO's PC. He was in a meeting. Or so everyone thought. The 'meeting' was completley in french. The French guy was very fluid, while the CEO was stuttering to say the least. But when I excused myself to get something from my office, I was surprised when he said something in fluent English !! Then when I came back, I realised what was happening. It wasn't a meeting. It was a lesson. The CEO was being taught French. And the company was paying for it. Not just that, but it was also during work hours. So he was being paid to learn French. I have to get a new job. I want to be CEO.

All this confirms the rumours going round the office, that we plan to make an entry into the French financial market. So here we go again.

At last night's choir team meeting (cell), I threw out the diet, as we were treated to an array of Chinese snacks. Some were very nice, some were simply horrible. But it was really good. And I may have discovered a new Chinese supermarket, will go there next week to look for instant noodles, one of my favourites. Anyway, back to the diet. I'm currently on the slimfast plan, but it doesn't seem to be working too well. Although for the last few days, I feel full of energy, and have found myself doinf short sprints and taking walks I wouldn't normally have done. At this point, I should join the gym or something, but I can't afford that right now.

Yesterday, I stepped up a gear in the diet, I started using 'Diet Aid' pills from Boots. They are meant to increase metabolism, which should facilitiate weight loss. Well, I can feel the effect already. I feel hungrier than I have in the last few weeks, and I'm going to the toilet a lot more (both no.1 and no.2). Today is the 2nd day of using the tablets. It's like the first week of the diet, when I didn't know if I had the strength to continue.

Anyway, I've decided to stop the slimfast stuff on October 2nd (day I move into my own place). I will however try to eat only healthy food, and keep using the tablets. I will try and maintain a daily calorie intake of about 2000 cals (most days!). And with the tablets, let's see what happens.

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