Liverpool 2 Monaco 0

Tuesday July 30, 2002.

An important day in the life of Boso. This was the first time I ever got to watch Liverpool at Anfield. It was a friendly match against Lazio which we lost 1-0. But on that day, I saw for the first time the phenomenon that is Milan Baros at work. He came of the bench, and at one point in the match, he dribilled past the entire Lazio defence (including ex-scum Jaap Stam), and the keeper, before being viciously brought down by a tackle from behind. The referee mysteriously awarded a corner, which got the Liverpool fans really upset, but after all it was a friendly.

Since that day, I've told anyone who cared to listen, that Baros was the next big thing in football. I've even had the courage to say that if I was Liverpool manager, I'd play him ahead of Owen and Heskey !! Baros never got the chances he deserved in the 2002/2003 season. In the 2003/2004 season, he broke his leg and was out for 6 months, so his 12 goals were not exactly an indication of what he could do. Then came Euro 2004. Baros, and the entire Czech team, showed the world what they were capable of.

Last night, Baros came off the bench to score a goal that can only be described as WORLD CLASS. He was confident, and took the ball past 2 defenders and the keeper with some skillful dribbling and a well placed shot. He missed another chance towards the end of the match, but I'm sure he's bublling with confidence now, and greater things are to come. I've been singing his praises since July 30th 2002. And I'll continue to sing them for a while to come.

Last night's victory can be described as comfortable. But the best thing about it was that Liverpool created so many chances. They now play a fluid, passing game....that's a joy to watch, some even say it's similar to the way Arsenal play. The first goal of the match, scored by Djbril Cisse epitomises this new style of play. The ball moved from Garcia, to Gerrard, to Cisse, to the back of the net.

Liverpool were fluid, quick and mobile. They produced passing movements far beyond anything seen last term and the link play was outstanding. And at the hub of it all were Benitez's new Spanish recruits, Xabi Alonso and Luis Garcia.

Rafa the gaffer is urging everyone not to get too carried away, that the team is still making small steps towards what he would consider the best Liverpool team.

Bring on the scum. (Monday, 7.45 pm)

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