Death of the weekend

I've been assigned a team on the choir now, which means I'll be singing at 3 Saturday/Sunday services every other week. I was meant to start this weekend, but I've managed to wriggle out of it, so on the 25th, my weekends will never, ever be the same again. Fortunately, it seems I'll be getting the weekend of the 2nd of October off, which is when I'm moving, and also the weekend of the 30th of October (my birthday, YAY!).

Diet is going well. When my girlfriend comes back from America, I'll see if she can notice any weight loss, and if she doesn't, I'm scrapping the diet. By then, I'd have been on it for 2 weeks. Just hope she doesn't visit my blog....she hasn't had web access so far anyways........

This weekend, I'm gonna watch 2 or 3 movies. 1 tonight (Dodgeball), 1 tomorrow (Terminal) and 1 on Sunday (Chronicles of Riddick). Or if I feel up to it, I might see 2 on Saturday.....I've done it before........

So anyways....have fun people, and catch you all next week.

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