The Bargain hunter…….

Today has been a good day.

Bargain 1: Being in Nigeria for the last one year, I missed out on the whole of my fave TV series, Friends Series 10. The DVDs for the series are right there on top of my wish list. But most people sell the boxset for £55 or so, which is a bit pricey. So I've been waiting till I haved saved up some money, or till the price dropped. Well, I bought a DVD off www.play.com yesterday, and when checking their current DVD offers, I say Friends Series 10 Boxset on offer for £16.99. I couldn't believe it !! How was it possible? However, this boxset has 3 discs, while the 'normal' ones have 5. After confirming that all the episodes would be on the DVDs, and that I would be able to return it if I wasn't satisfied for any reason, I paid for it. However, this 'special prmotional' version will not be available till October 25th. Not a problem. And it's also 5 days before my birthday, so hey, I've just bought myself an early birthday present.....

Bargain 2: Went out to post a letter. That was why I went out. Honest. While out, I decided to make full use of my lunch hour. Then I remembered I needed some stationary, so away to WHSmith I went. And after picking up all I needed, I decided to have a look at the DVDs and PC games on offer. And then I saw it. Unreal Tournament 2004. I've been playing the demo for a while, and I know I have to get the game soon. Normally, it's priced around £30. This one was £9.99. £9.99 for a game that's less than 2 months old? Someone at the shop must have made a mistake. It couldn't be right. I picked it up. Examined it to make sure it was the real deal. Bought it........

Loads of great DVDs on offer at WHSmith, all under £10 and I almost picked up 3 or 4. Somebody stop me.

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