13 is lucky for me (Today’s date)

I was planning to ask my boss about my contract this morning, when he went and asked himself. Basically, he said that most likely, I'll be given a 6-month extension, as everyone down here is happy with my work. When I brought up the issue of pay, he said I should ask my agency to see if they can reduce their margins (they currently make £4 for every hour I work, the theiving rogues). He also mentioned something about 'making it sweet for me', with a bonus or a one-off payment or something. He said we'll talk about that when the time comes to renew the contract, but I really hope the money will be enough to buy a PC or a laptop even, 'cause I really, really need one at home (my old one was nicked just before I left Nigeria).

Saw 2 movies this weekend, 'The terminal" and "Dodgeball", and I have to say I was dissapointed by both of them. Good movies, but not excellent. Not too many 'excellent' movies out there I reckon.

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