There's been this nagging problem that we've been trying to sort out at work for the last three weeks. It's been staring my boss and I in the face all this while, and we were just hoping we could sort it out before we got into any trouble. Everyday, I searched the web for possible solutions, traded emails with the suppliers of the systems, and tried different 'experiments', only to come up with nothing, and the next day, the cycle repeated itself.

My boss, who is in one week, and away the next, wasn't around this week, and gave me yesterday as a deadline, to either find a solution, or find someone we could pay that could solve the problem for us. At 2pm, I made a few phone calls, and got 3 quotations: £1300, £1000 and £800, all this was assuming the problem could be solved in one day........

So at 3pm, I spoke to a consultant working with us on another project, who had some experience with the product. He gave me a few suggestions, and was kind enough to stay with me while I tried to sort out the issue one last time. And by 4.30, it was all there, a perfectly working system.......!! I'd saved the company £1000 !!!

So excuse me if I'm feeling very happy today. And oh, there's another brilliant piece of news.

My girlfriend is flying in today.........

If I had wings, I'd be flying...............................

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