Yesterday, today and tomorrow…..

Yesterday: I did win my race against tiime, but only just. I wasn't sure what was wrong with the laptop I was meant to fix, and luckily, the person who was complaining was out, so I just uninstalled some programs, removed some spyware, and got out of there. Went to North Greenwich for movies and pancakes at a friend's place, and it was MAD FUN. Got home about 11.15pm (on a school night!?!?)

Today: I'm leaving the office in the next 5 minutes for an interview at the DSS to be allocated an NI number. Not sure how it's going to go....hoping for the best though. They need to prove my identity, and make sure I'm in the UK to work, contribute to National Insurance and to pay my taxes...........not sponge of the state. But all should go well. Choir practice tonight, so I'll be getting home pretty late, again....Thursdays and Fridays are the hardest for me...(little sleep)

Tomorrow: I'm going to look at a room in Leyton. If it's ok, I'll be moving in in October. I'd really like to stay in the Docklands, but I'm not sure if I can afford that, and my contract won't come up for review till....October. So I guess Leyton is where the heart is........

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