Winning start for Rafa

Liverpool's season has well and truly started, with a good win over Austrian double winners AK Grazer. Stevie Gerrard scored 2 great goals, and could even have had three, but one goal was dissallowed. Unfortunately, Michael Owen seems to be on his way out of Anfield, as he was left on the bench. He seems set to be moving to Spain, a dream transfer to Real Madrid or Barcelona. Yesterday's papers were full of the transfer speculation, as the papers shifted their interest from Vieira to Owen in a flash. But it seems Liverpool will be getting Morientes or Sam Eto in an exchange, which is just wonderful, these are 2 proven goal scorers that will do well for Liverpool. So Owen can go to ...........(fill in the gap).

Danny Murphy has also left, gone to Charlton, after his move to Tottenham crashed. I have a funny feeling he wanted to move to London, it may have something to do with his girlfriend being based here? So all the babble in today's press is just sour grapes..........

So, we await the first match of the season this weekend......COME ON LIVERPOOL.!!!

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