Weekend footie…..

Liverpool started their campaign with a 1-1 draw. Not too bad, considering it was away from home. The only team to win away from home this weekend was Arsenal. Kinda reminds me of league football back in Nigeria.....away wins are usually very, very rare, and when they do occur, the winning team and their fans are usually beaten up by the fans of the losers....but that's another story.

Cisse scored on his debut, which is good for any striker. It was a well taken striker's goal. Baros worked really hard, but failed to find the back of the net, but I'm sure he'll come good, the important thing will be to keep working hard for the team. We'll still need to get another good striker though, which the sad departure of Michael Owen. I still can't believe he's gone........

Josemi has been impressive in the 2 games I've seen him play. Works hard, and is difficult to get past. More of the same.....

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