Found this picture of myself, I was all of seven years old. Isn't he just cute?

Lost the auction on ebay yesterday. 10 minutes to the end, I was in the lead, I was winning. Then my boss decided that he felt like playing Minesweeper Flags on MSN Messenger. So I obliged him (after all, I'm trying to get my contract extended !!). And after the game, someone had waited till the last 2 minutes of the auction, and outbid me!!

I found another one, and decided to try my luck again, this time, the auction was ending at 7pm. I left the office at 6.30pm, and I was still in the lead, and my max bid was way above the current price. Then........boom, 7pm prompt, I lost the TV again......WHY ?!?!

I think I'll just get a brand new one now. I've found a lovely number on Currys website, TV/VCR/DVD combo for £100 (web exclusive offer, you can only buy online) !! Really cool, and will save a lot of space too. They're temporarily out of stock, but I think I'll pick it up if it becomes available next week....

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