Had a great weekend. Movie on Friday night......hung out with B all day on Saturday, church on Sunday, and went to pick up a friend of B's who came in from Nigeria. Basically, I got a chance to hang out with the love of my life....and get some well-earned rest, which is really cool.

Congratulations to Arsenal for tying the record for going unbeaten in the league....and that was one hell of a match. It was a joy to watch for the 'Neutral' (even though I hate them so much), and I have to admit, they deserve any accolades they get.

This morning was simply horrible, rain, delays on the tube, a VERY crowded train, getting to work a bit late, being soaked.....but hey, I don't want to complain. And then, when checking my mail, and a few blogs on 20Six, I came across RedChic's new pic, and it really brightened up my day.....despite all the crap I've been through this morning. She had one up on Saturday, to show off her new Arsenal jersey, but the one she has today is even better......if only she wasn't an Arsenal supporter......but I have to admit she looks absolutely gorgeous.Can you be my internet girlfriend....? We can make beautiful music together.....

*Boso slaps himself, wakes up from the dream he's having, and realises he's been typing something.....*

Now I have to get back to work......

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