Monday morning blues.

I'm trying to 'get into the grove' this Monday morning. I've reverted to the previous blog layout, I was told that the one I was using was not too kind to the eyes, and this one is easier to read. Thanks a lot to all of you who have been reading and decided not to tell me.

Anyways, at work, I hit an important milestone today, I'm starting on the 8th week of my contract, so that means I've passed the halfway point on my 14 week contract. No news of an extension or permanent offer yet, but I hope something does, and I think I have impressed them here. I also hope the pay improves, because if it stays the same, I will barely be able to survive when I move out of my aunt's place (which is likely to be in October).

*Boso slaps himself to get back on track*

Employement speculation aside, I had a pretty good weekend.

Friday: Met up with B around 9pm, her sister left for a 2 week holiday in Budapest. B went to the airport with her. We grabbed a quick bite at Subway, and then went to her place. Ended up not watching any movie, we caught up on old times, slept off at about 2am.

Saturday: Up by 5am!! Just 3 hours sleep. B woke up first, and decided that I didn't deserve to get anymore sleep. So up we were, did some cleaning up, and saw the first movie (and eventually, the only movie) for the weekend. B fell down and sprained her ankle pretty badly. She went downstairs to meet her friends at the bus stop, and a few minutes later, called me to say she had fallen and couldn't get up. I looked out the window and saw her flat on the sidewalk. Being the classic insensitive man, I told her not to be a baby about it, and practically forced her to go out with her friends, they went to do some shopping on Oxford street. We met up my church at about 5pm for the evening service/concert (United band from Austrialia, PeterJ likes them a lot). I noticed she was limping pretty badly, and was in a lot of pain. We were meant to go for a movie after church, but I figured she needed to get home as quickly as possible to rest her ankle. I managed to get her home, and she actually burst into tears at her doorstep, the pain was quite a lot. She had been grouchy all day, and I'd been pretty mean to her, so I was really far down 'Guilt avenue' by now. Got her into bed, went to get some 'Deep Heat' and massaged her ankle. She cried again, and by now, I began to really feel sorry for her. I was really worried. I had to go home, but I made sure she was tucked into bed before I left, and I called several times before I got home (it's a 2 hour commute from her place to mine, 3 buses and one train). By the time I got home, she was half asleep when she answered the phone.

Sunday: Called B as soon as I woke up. She said the ankle got worse before she slept off, but that when she woke up, it had gotten better and the swelling had gone down. I left for her place as soon as I could. I apologised for being a pain in the arse the day before, she apologised for being grouchy, and we were back to a 'happy couple'. I was just glad she was fine. The ankle thing put a damper on the weekend, but she's fine now, and I'm sure the ankle will heal in time. Watched the Eastender's Omnibus, and some Olympics, and a few minutes of Charlie's Angels 2, she'd seen Along came Polly before I came in. Took her to Woolwich to do some shopping, and left for home about 7pm.

I'm missing her already. We should be going for a party together on Wednesday. Can't wait.

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