Lunchtime discovery…part 2

When my girlfriend came over from Nigeria, one of the first things she said was that I had put on a little weight. Not good. But having a full English breakfast, or a bacon, egg and sausage sandwich for lunch on a daily basis doesn't help matters, does it? Benjy's is cheap and all, but I find myself going to buy snacks becasue I'm not full, and the chocs and biscuits don't do me any favours either. So I was on the hunt for a 'healthy' lunch, which at the same time, would keep me full and off the snacks till I got home in the evening. And cheap would be good too.

And the wonderful girlfriend was key to my next discovery. One day, on our way to her house, we stopped over at a Chinese resturant. (My favourite, Chinese Buffet). The food is the best I've tasted in a while (at least in London). So the next day, I stopped over and bought a take away pack for lunch at work on the Monday. It was great.....so great that on Sunday, I went over there and got 4 packs....for this week. And everyone in the office has been commenting on how wonderful my food smells. I'm full up and can resist the temptation to snack. And because it's buffet, I choose lots of fish, chicken and vegetables...so it's healthy. And the best part of it all.

Costs £3.50 a pop. So my lunch spend this week goes down dramatically...!!!!

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