Lunchtime discovery

I've been looking around for where I could get value for money for lunch since I started working about a month and a half ago. Previously, Boots was my favourite, with £2.70, I got a sandwich, a drink and a snack.....(crisps, choc bar). However, they didn't really have a wide range....so I found myself popping down to Sainsbury's once in a while......who seem to stock up on loads of different sandwiches, albeit for a slightly higher price. Sometimes...Pret....but I find them to be overpriced.

Today I discovered what may soon become my lunchtime favourite.Benjy's does hot food. I tried out their omelette last week, which wasn't too bad. But today, I had the full english breakfast. Now, not only am I quite full, which would never happen if I had had just a sandwich, but at £2.75, it's also EXCELLENT value for money.........

So the winner is..............Benjy's (and me of course....!!) !!!

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