Lost my phone

Well not really.

I helped my girlfriend carry her two VERY HEAVY suitcases around, as we made the journey from Cannon Street to her sister's place at Abbey Wood. (I couldn't meet her at the airport, as I couldn't get off work on time, but that's another story). Anyway, when I got there, I was pretty tired, and had a quick lie down before I went home. On the bus home, I checked for my phone, and realised I must have left it at her place. I've been negotiating with her and her sister to see if I can get them to bring it over to my office, but as of now, they haven't said yes, and they haven't said now. The next time I see her is on Friday, but can I manage without the phone till then? Don't have any phone numbers, can't call anyone, NOT FAIR.

Anyway, B (my girlfriend) has gone out, her sister is off to Budapest tomorrow (for 2 weeks), so she's getting to know where to do her shopping, open a bank account, buy a TV for their room, and loads of other 'girlie' stuff. I hope they find the time to come over here.

Hey, maybe it was a good idea to leave the phone there after all.

I didn't do it on purpose. Honest.

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