Liverpool…one step forward, two steps back and Arsenal, one step to greatness

Liverpool beat Man City over the weekend. When Anelka scored, I was beginning to think we were going to lose again, back to the 'antics' of the Houllier era. But the team had been playing well, so I wasn't worried, I was sure they'd score in the end. The 2nd half saw us win with 2 goals from the hardworking Baros and Gerrard.

Last night however, we lost to AK Grazer....didn't see the match, but hey, to lose at home? I did see the goal this morning, and I have to admit, it was a cracker. But from the reviews I've read this morning, they deserved the goal, and should have actually won the match. Not good...So Benitez has lost his first competitive match, and even though it doesn't count, as we have qualified for the Champions League proper, I'm still a bit worried about the team. Can we grind out results with the likes of Arsenal, Manchester United and Chelsea. I was hoping we;d come 3rd this season behind Arsenal and Chelsea. I still think we can, but the boys will have to improve, that's for sure.

Speaking of Arsenal, I have to admit that the match with Middlesborough was a cracker. Arsenal needed to avoid defeat to tie the record of 42 league games unbeaten. They were 3-1 down. They came back to win 5-3. As much as I hate Arsenal (and most of their fans), I love their football, and they are a joy to watch. Tonight, they have the chance to once again go into the record books, if they avoid defeat against Blackburn. Will be a cracker, it will.

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