When to Abbey Wood to see B last night. On the way back, London Underground decided to make my life hell, so the journey from North Greenwich to Startford which usually takes 15 minutes took about 50 minutes due to 'technical problems' and some very silly incompetent station staff.

An announcement on the platform said the next train to startford would be delayed, and would not be arriving for another 20 minutes, so passengers should take the next westbound train to Canary wharf, and use the Docklands Light Rail to get to Stratford. I made a mistake. I believed them. On getting on the other train, we were told that there were technical problems and the train wouldn't be leaving for a few minutes. 15 minutes later, we were still sat in the train, when the Startford train whizzed into the other platform, and before I could say "What the?", left. 5 minutes later, our train decided to leave. Waste of time.

Now I'm so tired. And I've got work to do as well. Not going to be a nice day.....

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