Got lost…

On my way to my interview. I got out of Euston station 15 minutes to the interview...and then wandered around till I found myself at University College London (Bloomsbury). I asked a few students, and fortunately they put me on the right track, and I got to the Social Services office at exactly 11am. Got called for my interview after waiting for less than 5 miniutes. After the interview, I came out and thought I was going the right way, not knowing that every step was taking me further away from my destination. Eventually, I found myself at Warren Street Station, which was not exactly what I had planned. Anyway, I managed to hop on the tube there, only after discovering that Bank Station was closed due to flooding. Flooding? On a hot summer's day? Great....just great. So I had to get a train to London Bridge and walk to the office from there.

Got to the office....and guess what? The men's loo is flooded, so I can't go.......why does everything happen to me??

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