Exchange Program between Spainish and English FAs

David Beckham, Michael Owen and Johnathan Woodgate. All Real Madrid players. The guys at Real Madrid must really know something we don't. While the England team suffers from lack of support after a dissapointing Euro 2004, the 'best club in the world' is stocking up on England players big time. Woodgate to me is one of the best defenders in the UK, and this move can only improve him as a player. Also, Real Madrid's defence left a lot to be desired last term, so it's a win win.......

While English players are moving to Spain, Liverpool is providing 'balance', having signed another Spainiard, bringing the total number of Spainiards at the club to 4 (including the manager), and one more to come in the next few days. Luis Garcia has been signed from Barcelona for £6. He's 23, and he's a great midfielder from what I hear. Josemi seems to be a bargain for £2 million, he's strong and I like him. Real Madrid's Antonio Nunez has already signed (and injured himself the very next day, poor chap) and Xabi Alonso of Real Sociedad could follow soon.

What I don't like is the fact that this looks like Houllier all over again. When he came, he bought loads of French/French speaking players, and a lot of them failed to impress (Cheyrou, Diouf to name a couple). So now, we have a Spanish manager, and he's bringing in Spanish players. Luis Van Gaal practically turned the Barcelona dressing room into the Dutch National team training ground, and failed miserably. The only person to do a similar thing and succeed is Arsene Wenger (although I hate to admit it!). However, he has(or has had) hardworking English players (Ray Parlour, Sol Campbell, Ashley Cole) to balance the French flair (Thierry Henry, Patrick Vieira, Lauren, Pires, Wiltord).

So Man City are coming up to Anfield this weekend, and the first win of the season awaits the mighty Reds.....

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