Everybody’s doing it, so why can’t I???

Last time you have..

Been drunk – Never
Smoked pot - Never (my life seems so boring, doesn't it)
Rode in a taxi – Several times, in Lagos (Nigeria) and Liverpool. Once in London, and I was so shocked about how much it cost, I've never done it again
Been dumped – Twice.....
Shoplifted – Never (At least not on purpose )
Been fired – Never
Been in a fist fight – Too many times....
Sneaked out of your parents house – Never had the guts to
Been arrested – Never
Made out with a stranger – Never
Stole something from your job – Yup, loads of stuff. Working in a shop in Liverpool, I stole loads of chocolates and sweets to make up for the fact I was being ripped off by my boss.
Celebrated new years in times square – No, not yet
Had a blind date – Nooe
Lied to a friend – Haven't we all
Had a crush on a teacher – Haven't we all ?? (Really?!?)
Celebrated Mardi Gras in New Orleans – Nope
Been to Europe – Well, I'm now in the UK, so I guess that's a yes
Skipped school – No....I was quite the 'good' student I was

using the names of bands/singers, spell out your entire name/avatar.

B - Black Eyed Peas
O - One Hundred Hours (UK Gospel Rock Group)
S - Sting
O - Ozzy Osbourne

a p p e a r a n c e

Height - 5 ft 11 inches
Hair colour -Black
Eye colour - Black
Pierced anywhere - Nope
Tattoos – Nope

r i g h t n o w

What colour are the pants that you are wearing - Greenish type chinos (I've got no idea what the colour is called)
What song are you listening to right now - Hotel California (Eagles)
What taste is in your mouth - Clementines
What's the weather like now - Horrible and wet
How are you – Cold and anry
Get motion sickness - nope
Like to drive - Love it, and hope to get a UK driver's license soon

f a v o r i t e s

TV show – changes all the time, I loved Friends, now it's CSI
Conditioner – nope
Book – I read anything John Grisham.....I just love the guy's work
Non-Alcoholic drink – Fanta
Alcoholic drink - Don't take alcohol usually, can drink a little wine or champagne if forced to
Thing to do on the weekend – SLEEP !! Actually, I love going to the cinema

h a v e y o u . . .

Broken the law – Too many times...nothing major, and I've never been caught...
Ran away from home – Nope
Been skinny dipping – Nope
Ever tipped over a porta potty - Erm, no.
Used your parents' credit card before – nope (they never had one)
Fell asleep in shower/bath – nope
Been in a school play – yep........don't ask..

r a n d o m

Do you have a job – Yes
Your cd player has in it right now – Fred Hammond (Something 'bout Love)
If you were a crayon what colour would you be - Blue
What makes you happy – Love, laughter, making other people happy
Next CD you're gonna get – NOt sure yet, trying to save, so no new CDs for now

l o v e

Girlfriend – Yup......
Current crush – My wonderful girlfriend...
Been in love - Yep, and still am
Had a hard time getting over someone – Who hasn’t
Been hurt - Yep
Greatest regret – too many to list
Gone out with someone you only knew for 3 days – nope

w h e n / w h a t w a s t h e l a s t

Time you cried – about a year and a half ago, when it seemed my life was going nowhere and I was fed up with it all
Time you got a real letter – apart from bills, it's been TOO LONG
email – Every few seconds...
the cinema – Friday....saw the Bourne Supremacy

word ass o c i a t i o n -

Rubber - Duck
Rock – Band
Green - Leaf
Wet - Ears
Peanut - Butter
Old - Hag
Steamy - Windows
Fast - Cars
Freaky - Girl

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