Absolutley WONDERFUL weekend

Have you ever had a Monday morning where you woke up, and you had to convince yourself that you had to go to work? You couldn't believe that Friday was just 3 days ago? You had to drag yourself out of bed.....? That's how I feel today....

Friday was a bit of a bummer. My brand new CD/MP3 player was 'fried' when I connected it to the mains. I hope I'll be able to get it replaced.......I'm really hoping I can sort that out.

On Saturday, I had a wedding to go to, it was absolutely brilliant. Met up with friends, and had LOADS of fun all day....got home at about 10pm !! Here are some pics from the day:

Check out my photoblog for all the pics. It was great fun anyhow. On the way home, we drove down 'The Bishop's Avenue' where I saw some of the BIGGEST mansions I've seen in my life. I can't believe those kind of houses exist in England. They're all owned by rich foreigners, and quite a lot of them are NIGERIANS.........

So now, I have a new goal in life, to own property on Bishop's Avenue...........I've already done my research, there's one for sale for £4.1 million, go BOSO.......

Sunday was great....had a wonderful time in church, and then went home. When I went to repay my aunt with the money she lent me, she refused to collect it, saying she didn't lend me the money, she gave it to me....so I was automatically £150 richer. Hung out with a friend of mine, so I missed the Eastenders Omnibus (I'm now about 2 weeks behind), and Waking the dead. But hey, who cares...?

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