Unfancied Portugal in the final

Yup, they beat Holland last night, 2-1 was the final score, and Portugal are into their first major final EVER. I have to say they deserved to win, the highlight of the match was a WONDER goal by Maniche. Figo almost scored a cracker himself, but the ball hit the bar. Talking about Figo, he actually played quite well yesterday, very unlike his previous perfomances in the tournament. So, Portugal in the final....and they'll play the Czech republic (The Czechs have to beat Greece first, but hey, I'm sure they will, aren't you). The Czechs are still my favourites to win the whole thing, but meeting Portugal in the final make things a little more challenging, the home team is always difficult to beat. But hey, challenges are what we all live for right?

Now, the football news of the day. Today is the day Djbril Cisse officially becomes a football player. All Liverpool fans are excited about the prospect of him playing alongside Owen. This season is going to be HOT !!!

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