Truer words have never been said. I'm a bit tired, been having a terrible bout of insomnia this week, hopefully, by next week, my body clock should be back in sync with working life. Also, if you know any Greeks........please be nice to them. On Sunday, we all have to watch 'My big fat Greek Final'. The match last night really depressed me, how could they beat out the Czechs....? More on that in the football section of this blog...

I took the tube to work this morning, and I realised that I'm better off on the bus. Crowded, stinky, uncomfortable.....should I continue. OK, it's a longer journey(on the bus), but I could use that time to read novels or something. So it's the bus for me. I'll be moving to Stratford next week anyway, so this is just for one week.

Got a new phone yesterday. It's a nice little SonyEricsson, couldn't go for one of the 'upmarket' phones, can't afford much right now.

Went out with 2 guys from the office for lunch, got WHACKED playing pool. I realised that Yahoo! Pool has given me a false sense of being a good player......and they play this every friday lunchtime in the office. I'm gonna have to improve fast, or keep getting WHALLOPED.

So, this weekend, I should try and see Shrek 2, by hook or by crook. Most likely it will be tomorrow, I'm thinking of going to the Trocadero or something in the afternoon. Hopefully, I should see a movie a week, every friday.........

Time to get back to work.......................

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