Job satisfaction

I've had one of those days that make you happy to be an engineer. When everything clicks, goes according to plan......giving you job satisfaction. We've had a problem with our fax system (program where you can send faxes directly from your PC, as we move towards a paperless office). The Fax program is on the same server as our Email, so when trying to sort it out yesterday, I kinda messed up the email (and had my phone ring off the hook in the process!). So I came in early this morning to sort it all out. I had hoped to have everything working before work began at 9am.....but at 8.30, that was looking pretty unlikely.....

Well, the good news is that at exactly 8.53am...the email and Fax server was back online, and all systems were GO ! Now I'll goof around a bit.......come on, I deserve a little rest....don't I?

Alright, I'll go back to work . But hey, considering that this is the first week I've been left on my own, this has got to be a plus right?

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