Immigration Consultant

In the last week, I've given extensive immigration advice to 4 people hoping to get the Working Holiday Maker visa, bringing the total number of people I've given advice to 6 (the other 2 people have successfully got their visas). Maybe I should start charging money for my services, what do you think?

Enjoyed choir practice yesterday, although my throat is abit sore this morning, it's been a while since I've sung that hard !!

I must go the cinema this weekend, my UGC unlimited card has to be put to use (else it will begin to call to me in the middle of the night from my wallet). So tonight, I'll go and see what all the hype about Farenheit 9/11 is about, tomorrow, I'll try and do a double wammy, Harry Potter and then Spiderman 2..........

Have a great weekend people.

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