Great Weekend

I had real fun this weekend, and I wish it hadn't ended. But here I am, back at my desk, and I've been running around like a headless chicken all morning, and just managed to get some time to relax about now. 3 and a half hours to go......but I think I've earned my wages today.

Saturday: Woke up really late, due to playing Championship manager till about 3am. Got up and waited for a book I ordered from Amazon, never arrived. Left the house about 2pm, went to Trocadero and signed up for the monthly cinema pass (£12.99). I immediately put the pass to good use (and got value for my ££) by seeing two movies in a strecth....First of all, 'The Day after tomnorrow' followed by the laugh-a-minute 'Shrek 2'. Left the cinema about 9pm........and went home.

Sunday: Went to church in the morning, and had a GREAT time. After church it was off to Oxford Street to do some 'mild' shopping. Then home. Did some laundry, and then went out to meet up with IB to catch the match on TV. Went to Hog's head near Leceister Square, and enjoyed the shocker that was the Euro 2004 final. Got home really late, realised that I hadn't read anything on Windows 2003 Active Directory all weekend. (Which was what I planned to do when I left the office on friday). Back to work.............

I'm really broke at the moment. Had to go and get a cash advance on a store card on Saturday, at a whooping 32% EAR !! Didn't have much of a choice, I've run out of money, and may not get paid for another 3 weeks !! HELP ME !!

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