Death of a dream

I regret that it is my duty to announce the death of the Czech republic dream. The dream died at approximately 10pm last night, after a prolonged bout with some STUBBORN Greeks. Despite best efforts, what can only be described as a last gasp effort from the Greeks killed off the Czech dream. My sympathies go out to the entire Czech squad, especially Pavel Nedved, who can only be left wondering what would have happened if he hadn't gotten injured.......

Yup, that's right. Euro 2004 is going to end with the same match with which it began. Greece v. Portugal. The Greeks have come from nowhere to qualify for their first major final. One can only say that they deserve to be where they are, Portugal, France and favourites - the Czech republic have all felt the 'wrath of the malaka'. Now Portugal will have a chance to get revenge for their opening day humiliating defeat. Although, in hindsight, it shouldn't have been such a humiliation, the Greeks have played really well, and taken some 'wonderful' scalps.

The Czech defeat is too painful for me...............I almost burst into tears with them. Anyway, the show must go......viva la Portugal (Just beat the BLOODY GREEKS !!)

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