Court Ruling hits families

Didn't blog yesterday, well, I did the joke and funny picture, but not the main blog. I was swarped with work. Too bad eh? So what do I have to say today?

Well, the judgement handed in the divorce case for Karen Parlour (wife of the Arsenal star Ray Parlour), has married men in the UK quaking in their boots. Karen has not only been awarded with her husband's past and present earnings (she was given a house or two worth about £1million, and a massive lump sum), she has also now been awarded a share of her husband's FUTURE earnings, which amounts to about £400,000 a year (up from the initial award of £120,000). Poor Ray also had to fork out £1 million in legal fees.

This case has set a very dangerous precendent. At best, it's a greedy woman trying to milk her ex-husband dry as an act of revenge. At worst, it's the beginning of the end for the institution of marriage.

Divorce (in the UK) has been known to favour women greatly, but with this, any poor bloke that gets a divorce will be let paying for it till the day he dies. Men all over the country are now seriously considering whether marriage is worth the risk. But with women demanding equality on all fronts, then why should they be protected and supported to the extent of bankrupting their ex-partners. Is not not enough for women to be unquestiongly granted almost unconditional custody of any children involved?

Simply put, I think this ruling is wrong, very wrong.

On a personal, I'm still broke, and haven't found anyone to lend me money yet. By Monday, I'll officially be on zero level. HELP................................

I think I'm gonna see 2 movies again this weekend, Passion of the Christ tomorrow, and maybe Harry Potter on Saturday Night or Sunday afternoon...........thank God for the UGC unlimited cinema card..!!!

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