Complete and utter chaos

After a wonderful day yesterday, I thought today was going to be smooth sailing. So when I turned on the TV to watch the news as I always do while I dress up, I was dismayed when I heard that the Central Line (tube) was closed between Woodford and Bethnal Green. No problem, I said, I'll take the bus. After the 4th bus passed the bus stop without stopping (they were FILLED), I decided to take the short walk to Maryland station (15 minutes). I got there, and there was a train to Liverpool Street in 15 minutes...so I waited.

When the train arrived, it was PACKED, as in there was hardly any space for the people inside, talk less of those of us who wanted to board. So I took another 10-15 minute walk to Stratford station. The Central Line closure was causing pure chaos.........I decided to take a Docklands light railway to Bank, or the train to Liverpool Street, but on the way to the DLR platform, the Liverpool Street train stopped right in front of me, and quite a lot of people got off, so I got on.

On getting to Liverpool street, I wasn't sure how to get to the office, I knew it was walking distance because my boss does it every day !! I decided to use the central line to get to bank, but when I got to the barriers, they were not letting people through due to 'serious overcrowding' on the platform. It was 8.45am, so I got out and started walking about, I went in completely the wrong direction before I eventually did the unthinkable, asked for directions !!! I got into the office at exactly 9.05 am, but I usually get in at 8.30am, so I lost my usual blogging and email time.

Well not exactly, It's 9.30 am, and I haven't done any work yet, not till I finish blogging and checking my mail.....

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