Tube Strike

My first week working in London is going to be more than memorable. Today, I had to contend with a tube strike, and took a bus to work. I'd have to thank to tube guys for forcing me to discover that there's a direct bus from the house to the office. However, the bus journey took 45 minutes or so, I'm not so sure if the traffic was due to the tube strike, or it's a normal occurence. Fortunately, I managed to get a seat on the bus, so the only thing I really missed was getting my copy of 'The Metro' from the station at King's Cross.

The tube guys are fighting for a pay rise and 4 -week days. After finding out what they earn, I'm SERIOUSLY considering a change in career path !!

Train driver: £32,656

Train inspector £34,075

Station assistants: £19,776 (More than what I'm earning now! Nurses don't even earn this much)

Station supervisor: £35,560

Signallers: £24,042


And we wonder why the tube fares are so high !! Absolute madness !! So how do I become a train driver?

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