Sunday in the city

Today was a great day. Went to church in the morning, House on the Rock, at Wembley Conference Centre, so I got a chance to see the new Wembley under construction. Took a pic, might put it up on the blog.

After church, I hung out with a friend, and got to meet up with another one and we had fun, walked down Oxford Street (where I managed to buy a few clothes), had lunch at Subway, and then went down to Leceister Square, where one of my friends had lunch at KFC (after looking for a decent Italian or something for ages).

Anyway, tomorrow marks the 'beginning' of my jobsearch. I'm gonna go online for 3 hours, vigorously applying for any jobs in sight on several sites. Wish me luck.....

As per Church, I need to find a church to fellowship in. Some friends believe that I'd naturally fit into House on the Rock, but I'm not sure if that's where I belong. I've got 3 other churches in London I want to try:

1. Jesus House
2. Hillsongs Church
3. New Wine church

But next week, in Liverpool, I'm going to FRONTLINE church, the church where I worshipped while I was doing my masters up there. I'm so excited about going back.....

Anyway, will be reporting on the 'antics of a jobseeker' tomorrow.

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