Stevie G is going NO WHERE

This is the news Liverpool players have been waiting to hear, Stevie Gerrard has committed his future to the club, at least for now. Apparently, he had made up his mind on the move to Chelsea, and even told his fellow England players that he was on his way. But on return from Portugal, he found that his family and friends had been threatned, harrased, and he suddenly realised that Liverpool fans were not going to take his departure lightly. In order to make life easier for everyone (including himself!), he stayed. (Nice one scousers!! More of that!!). Now we hope Owen follows suit and also commits his future to the club. He would have doubled his weekly wages to about £120,000 if he had gone.........his only request from the Liverpool board? He wants to wear the number '8' shirt vacated by Emile Heskey. Of course you can.......................

Cisse will be wearing the number '9' shirt next season, and Diouf? I dunno !!

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