So tight

Denmark beat Bulgaria 2-0 to send them out of the tournament. The match must have been boring, or I was tired, because I fell asleep and missed almost the entire thing.

But the match of the tournament so far must be the Italy-Sweden match. Italy outplayed the Swedes in the first half, and went in the lead, with a delicately placed header from Antonio Cassano. The second half was really tough, and the Swedes finally scored in the last few minutes. Ibrahimovic scored what must be the cheekiest goal in the tournament. The match could have gone either way. Both scorers are young up and coming strikers, and their best is ahead of them.

This group is very, very delicately poised. Italy should beat Bulgaria, and end up with 5 points. So the match between the Scadinavian duo of Denmark and Sweden must end with a clear winner for them to go through. If that match ends in a draw, then we'll have 3 teams with 5 points, and it will all come to goal difference, and the number of goals scored against Bulgaria. Sweden has +5, Denmark has +2, so this means that Italy has to score at least 3 goals against Bulgaria to ensure they go through. Let the games begin !!

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