Off to Liverpool

23 applications this morning, and I've got another load to do before I go to bed. Got a call from my friend who's advising me on this whole job search thing, and he gave me some more advice, I've got to stop applying for jobs that I'm qualified for !! This should reduce the number of jobs I apply to in the next few days, but we have to wait and see.

Went to Stratford this evening to see an aunt and her family. Tomorrow, I'm off to Liverpool to see some old friends, and to see my uncle and his family up there. I'm not sure how regular my internet access will be there. My plans are:

Thurs: Arrive in Liverpool
Sat: Day trip to Manchester
Mon or Tue: Leave Liverpool for Birmingham
Tue or Wed: Return to London

P.S. After all the applications I've done this evening, I've applied for 42 jobs today !!

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