My first day in London

Today was really eventful to say the least. Woke up really early, I haven't acclimatised yet, so when I woke up and saw the sun out, I thought it was late morning. It was actually still 5.30 am !! Well, I managed to get out of bed, and start unpacking, little by little.

I left the house for the first time to buy credit for my phone. Had a chance to learn a little about my new surroundings. I discovered a drycleaners, so I was back with my dusty old suit in a few minutes. I also found an Internet Café that offers good prices, £1 an hour but, £2.50 will get me 3 whole hours! This connection in the house eats into the phone bill, so I guess that 3 hours of job searching per day will not be a bad investment. There's also a nice looking canal in the area, Regent's canal or something. I'll go for a walk there on Monday..

Talking about walking, I'd forgotten how much of it you have to do in this town !! I'm so used to driving everywhere down in Lagos, my feet are really sore, and to make matters worse, I'm gonna do more of it tomorrow as well at least, it's good exercise.

Anyway, back to today. My mobile phone battery is acting funny, so I decided to buy a spare one just in case. The person I'm staying with directed me to a market nearby. I got the battery, and I decided to have a walk around, get to know Islington a little better. Walked through the market, and went up to Angel, lots of High Street shops and all. Found a cinema, which is good, my favourite pastime around the corner !! I guess I'll be a regular there from next week or so. And then, a Thai eat as much as you can (£5), maybe I should? No, I'm trying to be careful, so I don't gain any weight after all the progress I've made this last year. There was so much 'election activity', I got fliers from the Labour party, the Tories and the RESPECT party. The last time I was in England for an election was the local elections in 2002, and I don't think I saw a single flier. I later found that the constituency I was staying in then has had the lowest turnout of registered voters in the entire country. I wonder why...

After that, I went up to the King's Cross St. Pancras area...and dropped in for a bite at KFC. The menu has changed since I was last here, and I found that the variety meal now has a 2-piece or 3-piece option. I bought 3 pieces, and regretted it. Why? It was 6 pieces !! I was so full, I almost burst!! Apparently, it's 3 pieces plus a crispy strip and a pair of chicken wings. Well, this means that next time, it's 2 pieces all the way, but I really shouldn't, I don't want to gain weight (again), so I need to watch my step. I've already planned one 'pig out' for my trip to Liverpool, I simply have to visit the Chinese 'eat as much as you can' in the city centre at least once...(or maybe twice, or maybe...)

It was then off to Oxford Circus to buy a pair of shoes at NIKE town. At first, I thought I was going to leave empty handed, with most shoes over £100. Then I discovered the basketball section, and found some OK looking shoes for £45, £5 above my budget, but I bought them immediately. Looking back now, maybe I should have looked around a bit more, and found something a little cheaper. But hey, what the heck eh? I went down to Stratford Shopping centre, to Peacocks, a shop that has served me faithfully since I discovered them in 2000, while on holiday in the UK. Bought 2 t-shirts, 2 plain Polo shirts, and 2 dress short sleeve shirts for a measly £27 !! My budget was to buy 2 dress shirts for about £20 each, so I managed to save some money on that. (I guess that makes up for the shoes !)

After that, I hopped on a bus to Leyton to see an aunt of mine. Stayed there till about 8pm, then came home. Got home about half past 9. Feet sore, but I'm loving it. Watched Law and Order on channel 5, and found out from the news that Ronald Regan is dead. May his soul rest in peace.

So church tomorrow morning at 10.30am. Then I should hang out with some friends. Job hunting proper starts on Monday. But before then, I'm gonna relax as much as I can.

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