I’m in London

Whew !! Arrived in London at about 6pm tonight. It was really a nice trip, my second time using Virgin Atlantic. The first time I went with them, the inflight entertainment was not working. It worked today, and I have to give 'two thumbs up' to Virgin. Not only did I have to choose between over 10 movies to watch on my own personal video unit, every seat was also fitted with a SUPER NINTENDO. So there I was, playing Super Mario World, Streetfighter 2, Final Fight, F-Zero, and loads more 'classic' games at 38,000 feet in the air. Absolutley terrific !!

Got to Heathrow and decided to be the 'cheap bastard' that I am, by not taking a cab, instead, I took the underground all the way to King's Cross St. Pancras. I had to drag my 48 kilos of luggage all the way to the house where I'll be staying, a feat that took almost an hour, and left me with sore,red hands.

Anyway, I'm gonna rest now.....and at least, with an internet connection in the house (thank GOD!), I can blog regularly. HURRAH !!

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