Feeling Hot, Hot, HOT !!!

Got some good exercise today. Finally went for a walk down Regent's canal, it was really nice. Walked for about 30 minutes before I turned back and started going back. There were people jogging, cycling and fishing! I also saw ducks and swans, it was really nice, I really feel like I'm doing the tourist thing, which I've never done. When I get some money and have some free time, I'll do it all, sightseeing tour, etc.

Got to the Internet Cafe, and found out that my disk had gone bad. I guess that was from it being cramped up in my pocket. So I had to come home, get a new one, and then retun to start the job search.

I thought yesterday was hot, but today is HOOOT. There are half naked women everywhere, I've had an eyeful of skimply clad women walking, resting, taking in the sun. I think my jacket is going to take a summer vacation, although the weather people say that the rest of the week will be cooler.

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