Boso the tourist

Pretty excited about starting my job tomorrow. I had a really fantastic day yesterday though, and I'm beginning to realise that I might enjoy London a lot more than I thought I would.

Yesterday, I left the house early to buy some clothes for work. Went to Burton on Oxford Street (where I luckily have about £250 of credit) and bought 4 trousers and 2 boxer shorts, totalling about £80 or so. Then I went to Lewisham, where I bought a jacket, t-shirts and a belt. Let's just say that it's a bit difficult to find clothes my size, so I have to go to certain shops............

Anyway, after this I met up with Sonu (my good friend from Liverpool), and we had lunch at Nando's. Then we began our 'tour' of London. I took Sonu to the area where I will be working, and from there, we took the short walk to London Tower. While we were there, I remembered that the Olympic torch was passing through London, so I brought out the timetable.....and found that in 10 minutes, it would be passing by the Tower Bridge. We took the short walk there, and found a good position, and the torch passed by on schedule, carried by a British swimmer (Sharon something, don't know her name). I stupidly forgot to carry my camera, so I lost the opportunity to take pictures. Anyway, it was really fantastic to be part of this historic moment. The Olympic torch hasn't been to London since 1948 !! For more, see www.london.gov.uk/torchrelay .

Anyway, after that, we went through the docklands on a train, went to St. Paul's Cathedral, and generally went hopping on buses around London (one of the wonderful benefits of a travelcard). I find that in London it's difficult to get lost, just hop on a bus, get to an underground station, and you can plot your way from there !!

Anyway, after that, we went to meet up with Ivan (another friend from Liverpool) and we planned to meet at Piccadily circus. When we got there, there was a MASSIVE crowd. Guess what? The torch was scheduled to pass through there at that time !! So we found a position, we couldn't even locate Ivan, there were so many people, a lot more than at Tower Bridge. We didn't get a really good position, but we did manage to see the torch, this time it was carried by Darren Campbell, the sprinter (at least I know him!).

After that, we went for a drink in a bar in Trocadero, where we talked and caught up on old times. Ivan then left to meet up with some of his friends, and Sonu and I stayed behind to watch the cracker that was the match between Holland and Sweden. After the match, I went home....got home at 11 pm, after a really GREAT day.

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