Been around the world….there’s no place like ________

WOW !! I've had a brill LONG weekend (if I can still call it that). I've been tavelling around the UK, and have been to Liverpool, Manchester and Birmingham. Met up with friends and family, and in general, had loads of fun. Well, after my previous post, all this has happened:

I FINALLY went to have my Chinese eat-as-much-as-you-can. And I have to confess, looking forward to it for so long, it was dissapointing. I got sick of the food after a while and felt terribly uncomfortable for the rest of the day. Darn.

I was meant to have a telephone interview on Friday, so I spent Thursday night revising for it. So, I stayed in, studied a little and slept off....

Woke up at 6am to study for the interview. Guess what? He didn't call. I called around 10.05 am, and was told I'd be contacted before the end of the day. No call. I guess that's another dead end. Anyways, after waiting till 1pm for the call that never came, I went to Liverpool city centre to take pictures and basically play the tourist. Went to the cathedrals, and walked round a bit looking at the new shops, and developments. And then.....went into the Chinese eat-as-much-as-you-can (yes, again). Anyway, this was the more expensive upmarket restuarant, but the same result. Got sick of the food, and felt terribly uncomfortable. Don't I ever learn? And the worst was yet to come.

It was my uncle's 50th birthday, so I went to see him around 7pm. He was hanging out with his friends, so I basically sat with them and watched them do justice to 3 bottles of brandy and a bottle of rum, while I sipped water. I was then forced to eat a plate of Yam Porridge and chicken. I tired my best to reduce my portion, but I still had to stuff myself...I lefft there about 9.30pm.......to hang out with my Indian friend and his mates.

Got to Tudor close around 10pm after a long walk. I hoped that would help burn off some of the EXCESS calories I had consumed in the last 2 days. Got there....and they were having drinks and FOOD. I never thought I would shudder at the mention of that word in my life. I was again forced to eat a plate of rice and curry (which was delicious by the way, but I was SO FULL!!). My Indian friend managed to save my blushes by finishing my food for me.....So much for my weight loss plan.

Now the reason I'm not mentioning the name of my Indian friend? Well, because he had 4 large cups of cider at his friends place, and became very drunk. We took a cab to his place, and shortly after lying down, he puked (threw up, vommitted) !! On the floor, not on the bed. (But still very disgusting). So there I was, lying awake at 3am, thinking of who I could wake up and ask to sleep over at their place. When I could think of no one, I crawled to a corner of the bed and slept off......

My friend woke up and promptly cleaned up himself and his room. He apologised for what he had done (and he's still apologising till today, hey I forgive you man, it's OK, after all, what are friends for?) Well, I left around noon with my uncle for Woolton, and went to see my aunt (his wife). The three of us went down to Manchester, to Trafford Centre, where he had an eye test. After that, we went to see my uncle and my cousins, and he left around 5pm. I waited in Manchester till about 9pm, and caught the bus down to Liverpool. Got in around 10pm, and went to see some of my Nigerian friends from Ife(Debo and Kay), who I discovered also stayed at Tudor Close! To imagine that the day before, I was so close to them, and didn't even know it . Waited till about midnight before I went home.

Was hoping to go to church, but I DIDN'T HAVE CHANGE FOR THE BUS. I remembered how I used to always keep at least 2 £1 coins (or the exact charge of 70p for both trips) for going to church on Sundays when I lived in Liverpool. Great.......
Met up with Tunji (an old friend from Secondary School) in the afternoon, and Kay as well. Hung out with my new Indian friends at Pizza Hut, and then went to see some football. The first match was boring (Switzerland and someone....), but the ENGLAND match was a CRACKER. And I was SO HAPPY, when England lost, although I have to confess that I may be falling for them. (A secret English fan....just great). I also found time to hang out with my classmates from my M.Sc. course, Marco, Sonu, Luciano and Marco's wife Nancy. Another packed day..........which I enjoyed thoroughly.

Left Liverpool for Birmingham. I have to say I really enjoyed myself in Liverpool, made loads of new friends, and met up with lots of old ones........Met my friend Kuzy in Birmingham, and his housemates, Tom and his wife Ogor, and Slyvester. Kuzy and I gisted till about 2-3 am (neither of us is sure when we slept off). Watched 2 matches as well, this football is getting really addictive.....Also met another old friend I hadn't seen since 2001. Dayo and I came to the UK around the same time that year, and we spoke on the phone regulary, but we never saw each other till this day.

Went for a wedding. A fellow alumnus from Ife, Femi (Dayo's good friend) was getting married, so I went along. Everyone was in suits and all, I wore a shirt, jeans and trainers. And didn't care !! Met Segun, another Ife boy there, who now lives in London.
Spent the night with my uncle Frank. Found out that Yahoo had increased mail storage to 100MB. Wow. All the way from 4MB. Now, after all these years of making me learn how to delete a mail after reading it, I have to learn how to keep them now, as they may ne needed later. Just great.

Returned to London. I'm beginning to feel like a real Londoner now. I know this because when I used to live in Liverpool, whenever I came into London, I felt overwhelmed by the sheer number of people and amount of activity. Today......I just strolled outside and got a bus home.......

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