Another day for you……

Today was not as smooth as I'd have hoped it would be. I woke up getting ready to rush out and start sending my CV far and wide, when a friend called me and gave me some constructive criticism on the CV. Basically, I need to rip it up and type it out in a new format. We both agreed that it would be best for me to take time out to prepare a 'winning' CV, and then begin to apply. So, I'll be doing that tonight, and hopefully by tomorrow, the CV should be ready and the job-hunting will begin in earnest.

I picked up my clothes from the drycleaners, and then went down to NATWEST to change my address. They asked me to bring my passport, new procedures now mean that they need to see ID before they do that kind of thing. So I had to go back home, and pick up the passport. After that, I decided to go down to Burton to return some boxer shorts I bought yesterday, I had picked up the wrong size !! I found that a trip on the tube would cost me £4 return! I decided to take a bus. Central London now requires that you pay before you board your bus, so I put a £2 coin into the ticket machine, and the machine 'ate' my money!! I almost knocked the machine down trying to get my money back. When I started to walk away in frustration, the machine 'ate' another person's £1. A woman at the bus stop told us the machine was bad, and that we should explain to the bus driver what had happened. But I'd lost £2 !! I didn't have enough money on me for the bus pass I wanted (£2.50), so I decided to walk to Oxford Street. Armed with a bus route map, I began my journey.

1 hour 10 minutes and a splitting headache later, I had gotten to Burton and exchanged the set of boxer shorts. I had a £1 coin for the return trip, so I walked for another 10 minutes to the bus stop and got a bus home. On my 'journey', I discovered 2 other bus ticket machines that were out of order, and 'eating' people's money. Something really has to be done about these things.

Anyway, after two caplets of Nurofen, I feel a lot better. Done more than enough exercise though! I also realised that I've spent about £230 since I got to England !! Wow ! Most of it went on clothes (£125), other stuff (drycleaning, mobile phone battery, phone credit totals about £52) and the rest on EXPENSIVE London transport (£4 for my ticket from Heathrow, £7 for a weekend travel card). As 'punishment' I'm banning myself from going to the cinema for this week, I can start enjoying luxuries later. Although, I should see a movie on 'Bargain Monday' when I get up to Liverpool.

Dinner tonight is Pounded Yam and Ogbono Soup. I can smell it already..................

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