Season is over….

well, the football season is over now. Arsenal have achieved a remarkable feat in going the entire season unbeaten, and they deserve all the acclaim they are currently receiving. (Even though I hate them). Liverpool managed to clinch the 4th position before the last day of the saeson (YIPEE!). Newcastle 'managed' to qualify for Europe. Leeds is now relegated and the clearout of their star players has already begun.

Liverpool is already re-building for next season. Heskey has been offloaded to Birmingham. I hope Cisse will sign this summer. Owen is looking very dodgy at the moment, and I have a feeling that he will leave the club soon. So we'll need anothe striker, it seems the club are currently trying to sign Alan Smith.

The major news is that the Thai PM is trying to buy a 30% stake in the club, amounting to about 60 million quid. The deal looks almost done, and the money will be used for the new stadium and to strength the club. Not exactly Chelsea millions, but no one's complaining. I just hope Liverpool will be able to compete next season with the Arsenals, Chelseas and Man Utds.......

So what will I be doing till August? No more footie? Thankfully, we've got Euro 2004.....and the Olympics....so there will still be some quality football over the summer.

STOP PRESS: It seems Gerard Houllier may be on his way out of Anfield, read here and here.

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