Crash, crash….crash

Sorry, I haven't been updating the blog for the last 2 weeks, I've been mad busy preparing for some exams I want to take before coming over to the UK.

They say crashes come in threes. OK, let's count.....

Tuesday 11th May: I slept off at about 1.45am (late Monday nighht), working on my laptop, studying for my exam on Wednesday. Woke up at 9am, looked at the table, and my laptop was GONE. It took me about 30 minutes to realise that my mobile phone was also stolen. It's a almost funny story. Did the theif come in the middle of the night while I was sleeping. There was a power cut that night, and also HEAVY rains. No water on the floor. It's really amazing, how someone could come into my room while I was sleeping, unplug the laptop, and take the phone from the table. We have 3 housegirls, and 2 drivers in my house, and I suspect it was an inside job. The investigation is continuing, and it seems that we might be sacking 2 housegirls and one driver.

All this destablised me ahead of my exam the next day....

Wednesday 12th May: Went to the exam centre at 10am. There was a problem on their computer, so I had to wait to 2pm to take my exam. Finished in under 30 minutes, reviewed all my answers, and clicked on 'End Exam'. All of a sudden, the system went CRAZY. All sorts of errors came up. Apparently, while I was taking the exam, the server rebooted and my exam went to HELL. (The problem they were trying to solve while I was waiting was the SASSER worm on their server, which causes PCs to reboot, and apparently it was still there!) I hung around till 5pm to see if the exam could be salvaged, but to no avail...Worse yet, I couldn't even redo the exam until the test provider in the USA concluded an 'investigation' to make sure I wasn't doing anything funny. Well, I was finally given permission to re-write the exam yesterday (a whole week later).

Sunday 15th May: All I wanted to do was go to church and meet with some friends, and just relax after a rough week. Well, I woke up on time, and my dad said I had a flat tyre. No problem, there was plenty of time, I could change the tyre and still make it. Except that when I opened the truck, the spare tyre had also gone flat. Just great. By then, both my parents had left the house and I had no extra car to take the tyres away to repair. All the vulcanisers near my house don't open on Sundays. My mum got back at about 1.30pm.....so I had lost the entire morning........Removed the tyre in the hot afternoon sun, and in the process, broke off one of the bolts by mistake.

Thursday May 20th(TODAY): Thought the worst was behind me. Found out last night that I'd be allowed to register for my exam, so I went and took the exam this morning. Passed it (895/1000 - passmark was 700). On my way out of the exam centre, I drove on some nails and WRECKED my two front tyres.....(again?!?!?!).

Well, I'll count that as part of crash number 3, as 4 tyres flat mean ALL the car tyres right? WHAT A WEEK.

I'm trying to study for another exam which I plan to take on the 1st of June, but I'll try and update the site a few times before then. By then, I should have started packing even !!

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