What a week

Just spent a week doing absolutely nothing. I mean sitting on my but every single day, and waiting. Come to use the internet in the afternnoons, but even that's getting boring now.

I've been trying to book an interview with the British High Commision for a visa, before I return to my posting, but it's proving impossible. To book an interview, you have call a 'hotline' and you'll be given a date to appear. Well, the 'hotlines' are always busy (due to the fact that there are only 4 phones, can u imagine, the busiest visa centre IN THE WORLD), I've never personally met anyone who has gotten through on the phone. Hence, we are forced to deal with touts, pay them some money, they'll get you an interview. (Which is really sad, 'cos there's no way they are working independent of the guys in the BHC).

Well, one of these guys has basically tossed me around for the last two weeks, and right now, I'm at a loss. What will I do? Will let you know......

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