Weekend Premiership news.

They've done it again. Why does Liverpool insist on breaking my heart so? Another lacklustre perfomance by the reds and 4th place looked even further away. Fulham 'battled' Liverpool to a goaless draw, but left to me, Chris Coleman's boys should have won the match. They outplayed Liverpool in the first half, and were unlucky not to have scored. Liverpool did play well in the second half, but Stevie Gerrard (who seems to have taken over the responsibility of taking penalties from Owen) missed a penalty (seems to have taken that over too!). All this, and the manager is still inisting he will be in charge at the start of next season, and that he can still win the championship with this squad. On Saturday, the team looked a bit-part side, to say the least.

Fortunately for Liverpool, they are still in 4th place, but only barely. Newcastle and Aston Villa played another goaless draw, if either of them had won, then there would have been a new team sitting in 4th position right now. But Liverpool needs to start getting points, if the dream of playing in the Champions League next season will be realised.

Arsenal CRUSHED Leeds on Friday (5-0) and need just 3 more points to win the title. Thierry Henry was simply sensational, and even I have to admit that he is the best striker in the world right now without a doubt. He was dazzling, he was fast, he was GOOD as he kicked the ball into the 'old onion bag' 4 times. Chelsea played Everton and the match ended 0-0, while Manchester United lost to Portsmouth (1-0), and so the race to come second is still well and truly on. But I think we can start calling Arsenal the champions-elect.

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